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China Real Estate (Property) Law Service

Real Estate (Property) law service is one of the core practice areas of our firm Hailyare & Partners. Our real estate law group has extensive experience in advising well-known companies on real estate. We have handled a broad range of projects involving equity transactions, transactions of land and projects under construction, real estate investment and finance, development, mortgage, transfer / sales, leasing and property management, including of commercial, office, residential or industrial use etc. We not only can meet legal services demands of the developers, banking, builders, and government etc, but also provide real estate legal services to various other clients. Our service in real estate area includes:

 -  Advice on bidding for a land use right;
 -  Preparation and negotiation construction and engineering project agreements and documentation;
 -  Advice on real estate acquisition, including transfer of incomplete properties (projects under construction) and equity transaction;
 -  Advice on project financing and real estate trusts;
 -  Advice on sales and purchase of industrial, commercial or residential properties;
 -  Advice on leasing and property management; and
 -  Representation in real estate litigations.

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Featured service: Property / real estate legal service; Property / real estate lawyer / attorney in Shanghai China. China Property (Real Estate) law Firm assists you on real estate business in China / Shanghai, including buying a property or sell a property, equity transactions related to real estate, other real estate investment